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Hortalinks is a salad and vegetable export company based in Almeria, in the heart of the vegetable growing region of Southern Spain. The company was set up in 2011 by Antonio Real.
Born and bred in Almeria, Antonio is the son of one of the first growers in the region. He still lives in the area with his English wife and two children.

Antonio studied English and German at Granada University, Newcastle and Cologne.

All his working life has been spent in the industry, first as a salesman for a leading Cooperative in the Almeria area, then as Procurement Manager in Spain for one of the biggest UK import companies.

With nearly 20 years experience in the industry and his extensive knowledge of the UK and other European markets Antonio decided to set up his own company Hortalinks currently supplies customers in the UK, Ireland, Germany and Holland.

Antonio is passionate about the salad and vegetable industry; his personal knowledge of the area and the industry means that Hortalinks has been able to establish close relationships with both growers and suppliers. He works directly with some of the most reputable and innovative growers in the area; they are Hortalinks’ biggest asset and enable the company to provide the freshest and best available produce in an efficient and cost effective way.


Our aim is maximum input with minimum cost, without ever compromising the health and safety of the customers and simplicity and transparency in the whole process.